Facials & Peels


About You Medi-Spa offers you medical grade peels to remove dead skin cells and restores moisture to the deeper layers of the skin.

By exfoliating the skins surface and removing the build up of dead skin cells it lessens fine lines and wrinkles and helps with the absorption of product to reach the deeper layers of the skin plumping, firming and refining the skin. The stimulation improves collagen synthesis and fades out brown spots and pigmentation. Your makeup will go on more evenly and flawlessly giving you a more vibrant and healthy complexion.

Monthly peels are recommended for the healthy skin turnover and to deter sun spots and keep the skin looking fresh.


About You Medi-Spa facial treatments are at a medical level performed by a qualified therapist trained in advanced skin analysis to ensure the correct prescription and facial modality for your skins needs.

We use cosmeceutical results driven emerginC to deliver results that work.

EmerginC Treatments


Item Price
Skin Brightening Peel $80
Radiance Peel $100
Purifying Facial $100
Hydration Booster Facial $100
Super-Firm Facial $120
‘get the red out’ Strengthening Facial $100
Scientific Organics Facial $100
Photocell Plant Stem Cell Facial $120